Has anyone an idea how to make a Microsoft Surface Pro more "interesting"? Got one this week but I really don't like Windows. But I do like the ability to draw and write on it...

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    You cant improve something perfect!
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    @Mizz141 Uhhhmmmmmm... I guess you are not talking about the Surface ...
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    @wholl0p I personally own a surface Pro, and its perfect the way it is... I tried to install linux and other OS's but they simply arent designed for it...
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    I've got the surface pro 3! Running Ubuntu Budgie on it, very easy to install and the Microsoft pen thingy works by default :). No driver issues or whatsoever!
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    @linuxxx That would be an option.. is writing/drawing on it good?
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    @wholl0p As far as I've experienced yes, but I hardly draw, I'm a server/backend guy 😅
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    @linuxxx Oh I don't really draw too... I'm an Embedded guy ^^ but taking notes and doodling mockups and graphs would be nice
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