Late to office due to traffic. Thought would do some work. I get this the second i switch on my laptop. I am so tired of it. I dont want to even rant about it.

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    Yours truly,

    Cpt. Obvious ;-)
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    One 'word': $$$.

    They can be disabled in the Enterprise version, right?

    The fact that 20% of my i7-7700HQ CPU is used by Windows Update sucks, though. Let alone Internet speed like in the modem era, no matter what I set in settings...

    I work offline (airplane mode, unplugged ethernet) and connect when neccessary.
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    15% in a second is quite good. It won't take long
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    Thats why have a Mac. Have used Windows since I was a child, but I could not take it anymore­čśů
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    Thanks to my slow internet whenever windows is updating I instantly know about it cuz of webpages not opening, I kill the process in task manager and now last update was three months ago, not planning on installing October update fearing of it fucking up my computer unless they fixed that
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    Update service can't be disabled anymore (at least on my computer)... Used to do it every boot before connecting network.
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    @knurek123 it sure is cuz that process auto start like 10 times before it gives up, it even runs after 2 minutes computer sleep
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    @knurek123 I was doing it for a couple of months now without issue... As I mentioned in my previous comment, it can't be disabled or stopped anymore, though.

    Will try periodically killing the process, though.
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    See this rant for a solution to allow you to have on demand windows updates and not forced ones:

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    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

    From there, you could pause or disable the service.

    Doesn't work anymore (pause and disable buttons disabled in UI), I will try killing the process from Task Manager/CLI periodically. Not sure if there is only one process, though.
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    @DarkAngel that is because of scheduled tasks at the system level which can't be edited and are protected. Those task reenable the windows update and update orchestrator services. However, see my previous post linking to the rant for the solution to prevent the usoclient from being able to scan/reboot automatically. You can still update manually just fine.
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    @knurek123 I've been doing it ever since I installed windows 10, my internet is 2Mbps, I cannot afford having downloads or it will cripple my internet, I manually check for updates every few months, no issues till now
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    That is indeed very annoying!! I share your feelings. I do think it's a good thing that MS pushes updates, keeps stuff secure and up to date, however, I hate the fact that on boot or wake-up I don't have the choice of postponing the update installation. Also I think it can be dangerous: what will happen when my laptop runs out of juice at that moment I open it to resume work, it starts installing updates and then powers down immediately because of empty battery? Haven't tried it and don't want to either.
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    Or... You could love updates because they add cool new features and better security.

    It's your fault for not picking a time to update your laptop when you're not using it
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    @AL1L WTF... Seriously? If it was an option, perhaps... They don't ask for my consent, they just download automatically! You think Linux doesn't have updates? It does, it's just voluntary. And wonderful new features? I don't play Candy Crush, the Minecraft demo or use any of that shit. Why should I have to download/install those?

    No argument against security updates, except for one - my computer, my responsibility - if it gets screwed up because I haven't updated, it's my fault alone and I certainly don't need or want some authority commanding me what can I do with MY computer!

    But, I guess wanting your freedoms taken away is trendy nowadays...
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    @DarkAngel I never said I like it there is no option to disable them, but complaining on some random app isn't going to change anything. I get that this app is meant for ranting, but when 100s of people are ranting about it here without sending that feedback to Microsoft it gets real annoying.

    I was saying that because they're forced, because you chose to use Windows (or didn't because of your school or company), because Microsoft wants to be in control of their OS, you should stop using thier OS, stop complaining where Microsoft can't gather feedback from, and start updating your computer regularly and accept that you have to update.

    Send them a fucking email if you have a problem, and if you can boycott their software, and stop complaining about something that you chose to use! (If you did)
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    @AL1L Fair enough, don't take it personally...

    About that boycott, though... An analogy:

    Q: "I hate this planet, what should I do?"

    A: "If you don't like the Earth, you're free to leave..."

    The moment Linux supports everything or another competitor shows up, the boycott solution becomes valid.

    And yes, the term rant implies venting - you're right it's pointless... This is an anonymous forum meant just for that, though. Ignore me, -- me, whatever.

    I don't hate Windows as such, FYI. Though I mostly use it for non-work-related stuff. If it was just coding, Linux is superior...

    Got it with the laptop, would have paid extra $$$ for Windows 7 if possible.
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    @DarkAngel not the best analogy, you can change what OS you use (most the time), but not the planet.
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    @AL1L I was referring to the fact that a lot of stuff only works on Windows with no Linux alternatives...
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