Call me boring but...

Working in a secure job with a great work/life balance, little or no travel, great people, really interesting challenges, earning a tidy salary, contributing to open source, all the while creating something worthwhile and interesting.

I have a few of those already, so can't complain.

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    u sound like a boring person and if besides all of that u got a gf ill kms
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    I feel ya. That's all I want, too. Just a nice, relatively stress-free life with few worries (and none of them being about money)
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    that's not boring. that's a comforting and peaceful life. something i want for myself.
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    Stability and no financial stress sure as hell isn't boring.
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    @Stuxnet I agree. Some people would say it's boring, but heck, it's a good form of boring as far as I'm concerned.
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    @cursee Start with 'Call me boring but..' and no one will. 🙄😀
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    @arrayDeva actually someone did call OP boring 😁 they just deleted the comment a bit later.
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    I wouldn't start the post with "call me boring" if that wasn't the first thought in my mind while talking about the life I want. But hey we're all different aren't we ?
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    @cursee yeah, that was an... Interesting comment.
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    Same here. But I knew it's not possible with job. So I left the job 1.5 years ago...... Now money problem.. So spending time to get some financial support... And paused open source development.... Believe me this path has its own challenges.. But it's far better than the challenges I was facing in my job
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