So almost burst a vein today because of a teacher who kept telling us that the .NET orm , Entity framework , loaded the whole database in memory at a context's instantiation , i thought that's kind of stupid thing for an ORM today,considering the hit on performance and memory consumption with large DBs, and asked her to argument why they would adopt such an approach , at the end she said it worked like that and that me saying it's inconvenient is just my stupid opinion . when i looked it up on the internet i couldn't for the life of me find any mention of that behavior and that she was completely WRONG !! i fucking hate this dumbshit university am going to , anyone looking for an intern trying to escape dumb fucks ?

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    I dropped out because of the same experience
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    Seems about right. The disconnect is beyond real.
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    Don't feel so bad, I have some friends taking Flash (actionscript) in their class.
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    I had a tutor that recommended we remove all whitespace in our c# code because it would make the resulting program a smaller file size.

    You're not alone in how you feel.
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    I have friends that have to write COBOL for a class unfortunately
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