So I've been working with this company for like 3 years now, my only issue with it is I'm kinda underpaid (1.3K/month in Italy).

Today I had an interview at another company, like 1km away from this one, and it feels promising, the only difference would be in the products: here I make web-based stuff and VR apps, in the new one, I'd just be there incapsulating AI into other stuff for medical and industrial usage, using python and a lot of other stuff I never used or that I haven't used in the past 3 years or so...

Current company is made of me, boss and dude who works on social medias
New company is 17 people and many of them are engineers, mathematicians... more focused on what I actually do/like to do

Current company would go through quite a hard time without me (hardest projects were entirely developed by me + design/css from boss/other)

What would you do? My dream job is to make videogames with my own ideas (but can't rely on that to earn money)

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    Well it depends on you. Why are you staying in your current company right now? Is it for the ownership (do you have shares), the salary (I guess not), the training?

    If the answer to all of these questions is no, then I'd leave personally.
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    Work part-time at both?
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    @olback cant. I'd be needed full-time in both
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    Take the new job!

    You are WAY underpaid. You can professionally/ ethically leave the old job by training the new person (who will probable be paid more and know less) documenting your work and be availble for paid consulting when necessary.
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    @katbreitin I might be underpaid, right, but trust me, salary is quite shit here in Italy, I already earn as much as my father did when he was way older than me.

    Good point on training someone, but before that, my boss should find someone that suits the needs
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    @ZioCain Just to clarify you earn 1.3k Euros per month?

    Sorry I live in the US as and as you know we are ignorant about how things work in the rest of the world.
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