That first world problems moment when your desk can hardly handle handle the load of your monitor arm after you've put up a new monitor and you realize that three more monitors will be mounted soon.


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    Wait.. you've already got 6, yet you're still going for 3 more?! Can your graphics card even handle that?
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    Steel frame....
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    @Condor Nono, don't have six yet, this is me working on getting six 😅
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    Ahhh 6 monitors whats that right ? Get 8 of them LOL. nah just kidding six is a lot.
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    What size(s)??
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    @QueenMorgana Right now different but soon 5 x 24inch and 1 x 23 :)
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    sell those, get 3 49" ultrawides 😄

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    Why do you need that many monitors?
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    @heyheni ultrawide monitors kinda suck for viewing videos though, because pretty much everything out there is 1920x1080 instead of 2560x1080... Also I highly doubt that the content on the right monitor will be accessible when you're looking at the first monitor, without excessively stressing your neck or turning your whole chair in that direction. For accessibility I'd call that a no-go.. cool setup though!
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    @freeme Backend dev + cyber security guy + managing 20-30 servers :)
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    Too close for comfort... :')
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    @Condor imagine a 16 x 49" rig, set-up in a circle with camera dolly rails inside and a motorized desk with a nob to drive to the right spot.

    Or the other way... the monitor circle moves.

    in either way perfect for managing all the serverz! ðŸĪŠ
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    The struggle when using an IKEA linnmon desk that is clearly not meant for this kind of weight.. haha.... ha.. ha :(
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    I'm using a dinner table, sometimes you can get a great deal on some in the store 😄
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    @cephalization Haha I'm not using ikea stuff ;)
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    @linuxxx lol i know the feel! I’m up to 6 at work, just have 2 at my main workstation at home though and that’s good enough.
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    @linuxxx I've heard good things about using IKEA countertops as desktops but I could not afford them at the time.

    Next time I move I will likely splurge on a countertop and dinner table as mentioned above
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    Same, picked up an HP Omen Gsync and MAN that thing is heavy, my monitor arm BARELY holds on
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    This is not a first world problem, it is a gravity problem.
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    4 monitors here, built my own desk out of 4x2 and plywood to take the weight/etc.

    Thing I don't like about modern HDMI monitors is when one is off, and the others mess around with the icons on the desktop.

    Doesn't happen if they are DVI, VGA ones.

    I hear DisplayPorts are even worse..
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    nothing useful were displayed on the two side monitors except eye-hurt stretches, also it pains the neck :(
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    @cephalization ohai fellow linmon user Kappa

    @topic: i bought a cheap 3 monitor mount from amazon cause it nowadays swamped with stupid dropshipping rubbish anyway, and i must say it doesnt hold the weight well, and those monitors i got are not even heavy. I am srsly contemplating to just buy 3 single stands (so i still have the free room under the screens) cause the current configurations really hangs. Or is there any sub 200 (better 100) € Solution for 3 Screens?
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    @BurnoutDV I spent an extra $100 on some IKEA aleks drawers and popped em under my desk and it seems to be giving enough support to hold my super heavy monitors :shrug:
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