not really a rant;
But I am a real fan of sci-fi stuff, and yesterday I tried star citizen for the first time (been backer since 2012).
I have not slept yet

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    I reeeeally hope you didn't spend more than 20€ because they said the aimed release is around 2020 and it's been in development since 2012 already.

    The idea behind SC is amazing, but there's almost no chance the end result won't flop.

    If you like space sims i can strongly recommend Elite Dangerous. And since this is a dev app, let me also introduce you to my pet project (space / ED related) alpha-orbital.com

    Fly safe o7
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    I did spend 35€ on it 2012 ;)
    I am amazed how far they have come, :)

    Should maybee try Elite until Squadron 42.

    I will check it out!
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    try eve online... if you dig deep, you will have quite the excel skills after a few months.. :)

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    Elite Dangerous is incredibly boring. SC even in its unfinished state is far better.
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    @Skipp I'm pretty sure the first episode of squadron 42 won't be out in 2020, Probably 2017, 2018 if they really get into complications. Even the procedural planets may be out in 2017 as the demo looked quite impressive already. That's a lot to play around with until 2020. Within the 4 years of dev they have done some amazing stuff I doubt it will flop as a lot of people are pouring so much money into it because they do so much. Plus FPS is ready for this year I'm sure that will keep us busy. The game is unfinished but it's still playable.
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    @mattou07 after recent titles like no man's sky and mafia, I really don't believe in anything until I see it done.

    Don't get me wrong - i LOVE space sims and if SC ends up what's promised I won't need any other game ever again. But I refuse to get all hyped about it. Till then, there's Elite, EvE, and hopefully a new X title :)
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    @Skipp Kerbal Space Program
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    What I have seen, Star Citizen will be what they have promised.

    You should check it out m8 :)
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    @Linux i have SC :)
    But i can't stand low fps so i'm not playing it. They promised new netcode dor this winter that should fix framerate issues so i'll just wait for that
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