Guys what I want to know is how do you secure your code so that they pay you after you deliver the code to them?
So recently I was in this internship that I secured with an over-the-phone interview and the guy who was contacting me was the CEO of the company (I'm going to refer to him as "the fucking cunt" from now on). He asked me to do some OCR and translations and I managed to write a few scripts that automate the entire process. The fucking cunt made me login remotely to his desktop which was connected to the server (who the fuck does that) and I had to operate on the server from his system. I helped him with the installation and taught him how to use the scripts by altering the parameters and stuff, and you know what the fucking cunt did from the next day onward? Dropped contact. Like completely. I kept bombing emails upon emails and tried calling him day after day, the fucking cunt either picked up and cut the call immediately on recognising its me or didn't pick up at all. And the reason he wasn't able to pay me was, and I quote, "I am in US right now, will pay you when I get back to India." I was like "The fuck was PayPal invented for?" Being the naive fool that I was, I believed him (it was my first time) and waited patiently till the date he mentioned and then lodged a complain in the portal itself where he had posted the job initially. They raised a concern with the employer and you know what the fucking cunt replied? "He has not been able to achieve enough accuracy on the translations". Doesn't even know good translation systems don't exist till date ( BTW I used a client for the google translate API). It has been weeks now and still the bitch has not yet resolved the issue.And the worst part of it was I got a signed contract and gave him a copy of my ID for verification purposes.
I'm thinking of making a mail bomb and nagging him every single day for the rest of his life. What do you guys think?

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    This is where you DONT hand over the code, unless you can remotely destroy it.

    Once they have the code, your fucked if they don’t pay, ALWAYS and I can’t stress this enough, demo it with test data (even if it’s their data) in an environment YOU control, once payment received then you do final handover.

    Otherwise if you know the system it’s running on have the script do it’s job then make a shell call to delete the script once it’s finished.
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    @C0D4 I learned that the hard way, and TBH I have been planning on implementing that last bit of your advice on every single script I share from now on.
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    @gintko like I said, I learnt it the hard way. And yes, the contract specifies every single thing, including an annexure. Unfortunately being a student in India and filing suits don't go hand-in-hand from my experience, none of the ppl I turned to could provide me with a handy reference :(
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    @gintko yep, I'll issue another notice with the portal and then start with it, it's high time these bitches realise work doesn't come in free even from interns!
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    Sometimes I wonder how these people live with themselves
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    You don’t Hand out Code before being paid.

    Run your code on your machines and if the opposite party wants to have it make them pay your bill and then hand over your code and stuff.
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    Someone I know who is now quite rich, solved this common problem in business of non-paying customers.

    They hire people whose entire job is making sure other people pay.

    They always pay..

    I tend to solve this issue by making people pay up front, and then they get a refund if necessary.

    (I don't think its ever been necessary, and if they don't' want to pay up front, then you don't want to do business with them!)
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    I once built a fully fledged React web app for a client. The supposed entrepreneur in charge of the company, defaulted on payment and the terms of my employment.

    I quit the job, and told him I would shut down the web app, is I did not receive payment in a week. I checked back 9 days later, and the dick had locked me out of his cPanel. He tried to fuck me over.

    I smiled, deleted the repo from Github and Netlify, and went for a smoke. The fucking fool did not know I only linked a subdomain to where I had the code, away from his website.

    Morale of the story: Do not trust business men. FUCK THEM OVER, BEFORE THEY FUCK YOU OVER. The end.
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    @nullthefirst Haha thats savage!
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