I'm currently a java developer. I've dabbled in python too. Mostly worked on API development and some data processing. I want to learn something new, that'll keep me engaged. It can be something within java (like image processing or NLP) or some other language (Go, scala, js). What do you all suggest?

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    Try to build an emulator. If you want to mix a new language in, then try Rust.
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    One suggestion is looking at what the heck this functional programming fuzz is about.
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    @ihatecomputers definitely gonna try/learn the functional programming thingy
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    @lnplum is Go only for low level programming? One of my colleague speaks a lot about it. But the way he portrayed it seemed like it can be used for anything
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    @invisible If you want to get into functional programming I'd suggest kotlin
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    Functional programming is fun, eLisp is cool if you wanna join the emacs cool kids.

    Rust is a really fun language to learn and the demand for it is constantly growing.

    Do make sure to have fun though! 😜
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