Create the project of your billionaire app idea -> spend 1 week working on it -> realize that actually sucks -> repeat

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    Imagine honing your skills fast enough so that in a week you can complete a presentable product. Then you can try out 52 ideas per year!
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    Dude this is the story of my life.
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    @growling if you keep enough of your base code generic, you can just chunk in new business logic each time and spin out 52 ideas in a year easy? Maybe? I dunno lol I haven't sound a single idea out to completion yet as I get distracted by shiny new things
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    If you do it enough times eventually you stick with one and realize that no matter what you pick, it's gonna suck to finish it and it's going to be hard and you will doubt yourself.

    Part of the territory. Let the doubts teach you, they're telling you something is missing.

    And then just finish one. Doesn't matter which one.
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    Same here. I just get distracted by new languages and frameworks way too often. But I guess it still gives some insight and new experience. Keep it up and you will make your product one day :)
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