- Install Overwatch via Lutris on Linux.
- Get absolutely terrible performance and rendering bugs.
- Disable DXVK.
- Get slightly better performance (wtf?).
- Still runs at like 20% of potential performance.
- Give up and try to install Windows.
- Windows install fails.

Aaand so I spent my weekend configuring shit instead of relaxing/gaming. Ugh.

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    I ran the lutris script and got 60fps 4k att ultra. Sure you got all dependencies right?
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    @alvarlagerlof I think so, checked that multiple times. Oh well, I'll keep at it. Maybe it's because I'm using a Raven Ridge APU, the drivers are still a bit flaky.
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    @RememberMe yup raven Ridge is still kind of buggy sometimes. Try mesa 19.0 from git and 4.20rc builds. I got better fps in most games on that but i use my dedicated GPU for gaming. But still even RX drivers arent perfect but raven ridge still needs optimizations to be perfect but hey it runs pretty OK and its impressive to run Dying Light at max settings on Linux.
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    The latest dxvk (0.93) fixes the render problems!
    Just change your dxvk version
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    Any good?
    Is the community as toxic as LoL?
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    @Root it's decent. Community isn't very toxic, you have the occasional annoying teammate but yeah. Also great if you have a bunch of friends to play with. I haven't reached the higher levels or competitive play though.

    Let me know if you're joining and want a team to play with, we usually play on the American servers because for some reason we get better ping on those than on the Asian ones.
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    @RememberMe I never wanted to spend $60 on it.
    I might at some point but idk.

    If I do I'll definitely reach out 😊
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    @Root sure.

    it's not 60 anymore, it's 30 or something
    And in sales it goes down to $15. I got it in the recent sale. I'll let you know when it goes on sale again.
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