Conference tickets are overpriced

true or false?

Do you attend any without being sponsored?

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    Only ones I’ve been to were paid by my employer.
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    Pretty much al conferences I've been at were paid by me. I choose the ones where I think the price is reasonable only. Of course, most are over the threshold. Not because I cannot afford them but because I'm not willing to pay this much for a conference ticket.
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    They're expensive these days because they're usually designed for employers to pay. That works for the conference organisers to a point, as they get a whole load of people already employed in the field (a better audience) - and it works for employees, as they get to go for free on work time.
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    Well, they're expensive but most of the time there's quite a bit to be supported by that price
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    Don't get me wrong, conferences are great and I don't think they necessarily could lower their prices.

    I guess I just wish large companies would much more intensely sponsor these conferences so that ticket prices would be more reasonable and freelancers could attend happily too.
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    Often you can even watch the lectures on Youtube. So why would you pay 1000$ to attend?
    And if the speaker turns out to be an SJW talking about how ethnic background matters in programming, you can just close the youtube’s tab.
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    Lol, whem the price is so high that you fear for your wallet.
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