Budget: $2000

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    Best I can do for 2k is comment code. Not write code, mind you. Just comment
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    The lack of willingness to pay is something that pisses me off a about this field.

    They act like it's press a few buttons and poof. Done in 20 minutes.

    Like fuck off this shit takes hours and lotta skill to do.
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    @Avyiel @Stuxnet I doubt I would even wake up on time for $2000
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    @JoshBent yeah man... Some people really are clueless
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    Responsive within 4 hours max, even on weekends and holidays. Sure, why sleep? I wouldn't even want a short term contract relationship with these fuckers, let alone a long term disaster.
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    @Fast-Nop it's beautiful how retards show themselves early on and even open in the description, isn't it? :)
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    For 2 G's I can Frankenstein some code for you
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    @cobolplz if you add a zero and for 20,000 I can get your shit up and running with some Frankenstein, generic code. Another zero and maybe we can talk about a bespoke app and a built in relationship
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    @Stuxnet Not even a small amount of hours either, I’d say hundreds with what their looking for.
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    I’m in, when can i start?
    Also i will pay them, because it’s so easy to do be a dev, and it will look good on my resume.
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    So wait.
    $2000 in total, or per month?
    I'm guessing the latter.

    As of right now:
    $2000 = roughly €1764

    In Italy, a €1500/month pay is already quite a bit. Idk how different it is there, but it seems like a decent pay to me.  ¯\_('–')_/¯
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    @Gaetano96 barely anybody can cover their bills with $2k a month.
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    @Gaetano96 My rent is $590. Electricity and internet push it to around $690.

    Phone service is like $70. Gas is another $100 or so (do a good bit of traveling).

    If I had to pay for my insurance (health and car) that's definitely expensive. Barely leaves enough for food and living.

    And this is a cheap asf city compared to the big ones where rent is a minimum of $2k in the shitty apartments.
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    @JoshBent in the states it low but in other countries it would be medium.
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    No source was provided, so maybe it's aimed at indian or eastern european developers, where this may be a reasonable budget?

    Or maybe it's from a newspaper job ad straight from the 70s?

    I find it hard to believe it's a legit offer from todays western world. Surely everyone loaning out such job checks up on what similar jobs in comparable projects would amount to, right?
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    @mksana I am not sure if I even should reply to you, since you're either a troll or mentally disabled, I'll just assume the latter.

    "Or maybe it's from a newspaper job ad straight from the 70s?"

    even as a joke that is retarded to assume or imply, 70s and responsive design?

    "No source was provided"

    upwork, go search if you can find it, I haven't saved it and if it got flagged or closed, it won't be indexed

    "so maybe it's aimed at indian or eastern european developers"

    if the actual target was india, it is highly unlikely the price would be in $, the job origin was iirc US and also there was no mention of targeting specific countries.

    btw your dog shit comment is attached, in case you think of deleting it
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    More like $20 000...
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    What exactly did I say in that post that makes you throw such a massive tantrum and calling me mentally retarded? I didn't attack you personally in any way, I just remarked no source was provided and that the amount might make sense for a foreign market or in a different timeframe (calling it the 70s was of course exaggeration). That's all.

    I think YOUR response is quite telling, though. But everyone can judge that for him or herself.
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    @mksana regret that one, bad timing with something outside of devrant, combined with how it sounded like the usual troll on these kind of posts in the past.
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