Fuck NodeJS and Python, C# and strong-typing is all I need in life. (But python is sometimes useful)

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    Fuck strong typing.

    I have this fettish of turning my string into an array, converting that to json, swapping that out for an object, rolling that around a loop for a while() and creating another array of int values of the original object values, taking this new array of Ints and dropping them into a concatenated float and eventually returning that float as a string.

    let x = “good fucking luck”;
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    C#? Strong? Sure buddy keep dreaming
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    I think you meant statically typed.
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    @ganjaman what are you talking about man? Your username tells me that you smoke weed. Lol
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    @irene @KAS89 after using ocaml, even java doesnt feel like a strongly typed language
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    But C# has a var and a dynamic type so basicly it can support both types of programming! Right?
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    @Gregozor2121 i wouldn't consider "var" dynamic typing but yes, that's right
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    @Gregozor2121 @AchilleMe hello no.
    var will let you skip the initial typing but scream if you change it afterwards.
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    What about the "dynamic" type?
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