GoDaddy. Is. The. Worst.

I'm working on an SSL cert domain verification for a client. The chat support tech at GoDaddy has no freaking clue what she's doing. She keeps telling me to follow the same help article I already knew about the first second I heard I needed to do this job. It didn't work. But she keeps going back to it, sure that I'm just a complete and utter moron who doesn't read. Never mind that I have screenshots to prove everything she's telling me is 100% wrong according to every error message this process is generating.

Now she's checking with the "SSL team". Which is code for "I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and I'm frantically searching the FAQ database to figure out what this SSL thing even is."

That's what the last hour of my life has been. And 20 minutes of that was waiting in the chat queue.

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    Who uses godaddy 🤷‍♂️they can hardly manage domain names let alone everything to do with hosting.
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    @C0D4 Some people still do. They miss renewal dates so they can switch, or they don't know it sucks. Or GoDaddy owns/holds the domain they want to register. Or they have to for some external business reasons. It varies. But as soon as I find an opportunity to get people away from them, I do.

    In this case, their instructions didn't differentiate between root and subdomains, so we were focusing on the subdomain when we should have been focused on the root.
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    Go daddy is horrible. I always tell my clients I don't accept jobs that involves Go daddy services. It's only headache. Clients also love to defend this crap host service and blame the developer when things goes wrong or slow.
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    @nanl I go at it from the other angle. I teach them how bad it is and get them to trust me. Then I bring them over to my hosting and make more money on design, development, consulting retainers and other useful stuff for them.
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    Don't even get near their hosting service. It's absolute nightmare fuel.

    I had to fix a client's .htaccess file once. Godaddy forgot to install mod_rewrite for Apache.
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