As a linux and hacking beginner, I am amazed how much I learn about linux while looking for ways to solve hacking challenges.

It is like learning something while learning some other thing. (Yeah I like learning)

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    You are just like me. I love learning new things so much, i've tought myself something new like everyday for about 3 years now and I can't stop learning.
    (Learning referring to anything computer related, I don't enjoy learning history in school)

    Oh and I also do what you said in your rant lol
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    On which site are you active? I'm currently solving challenges on overthewire.org (good to start), hackthebox.eu (from easy all the way to hard) and hacking-lab.com (for my level mostly hard challenges)
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    @MrMarlin i did some overthewire, after that I started doing CTFs and created actual Tools for some challenges, that's how I learned most of it. I'm on a discord Server full of people who do CTFs and we help each other to learn new stuff.
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    @MrMarlin in addition to that, vulnhub is also good.
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    Yoh guys am an ethusiast but I dont seem to make progress despite reading lots of hacking pdfs ...any advice on getting started with this shit
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    @Obtus3 Get your hands dirty on some challenges. I tried 3 platforms so far and for me the best to start was overthewire, because some of the challenges have hints. Also try the other two I have mentioned in my comment above.
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    Thanks people
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