Ehhh.... wat?

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    Whatever this is, time to replace the battery...
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    kids sit down.
    I gonna tell you today a sad tale of the old times, when batteries inflated and looked like pillows and completely fuckard your personal device. 😱
    And if you've really got bad luck and bought a samsung galaxy note 4 they even randomly caught fire or exploded in peoples pockets. Ah yes Kids the old times when batteries barley lasted a day. Fond memories but it's good they're gonne.
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    have i tried turning it off and on?
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    @coffeeholic I think turning it off was the last time the owner every did with it :^)
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    Had a samsung galaxy note 1 back in the dayz.

    After 3 years, battery started inflating but i kept it in my pockets and it kept functioning normally for like, 6 months. then i had to change it and i kept the phone another 2 years. It's still working to this day but someone gave me a better phone. so i don't use it that much anymore
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    @littledaxter they often still work decently fine, it's just that they become a safety hazard when they inflate.
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    @FinlayDaG33k meh, just a teen carrying broken batteries in his pockets for months...

    Anyway! you don't need legs to code!
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