I thought the “works on my machine” from sysadmins is mostly a joke...

But no. I’m attending the Polish high school and I have a lessons via the Internet. I wasn’t able to hear the voice of the teacher on Linux 4.18 and Chromium browser, so I sent the mail to support to report it. Of course it “works on their machines”...

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    That should tell you that you did not provide enough information in order to reproduce the issue.
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    Take a look at pavucontrol to see all your sinks. My guess is that the audio from chromium is going somewhere else. You can change it in realtime from there.
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    @wholl0p I’m not saying no, but it would be nice if he told me what info he needs.

    @bahua I’ll look into that during the next lesson, thanks!
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    I think what your professor, "needs" is for you to use the same shitty OS as him/her.
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    @bahua never. Ever. I’m not going back to that pile of mess called “Windows”
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    @athlon yep, that is right!
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