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    I'm with Mr. Unpopular opinion
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    It's snowing in South Korea?!

    Oh wait. The other rants. Yes, "winblows" is a term that fell out of popularity in the late 90s...
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    Kinda like Fortrash.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I'd love for people to just use the actual fucking name of a software.

    That applies to all, not just the ones I like.

    I hate iOS but things like iOShit is just stupid and cringey.
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    @Stuxnet totally agree... Also I'd like to find that rant about chrome, blaming windows when it's a chrome issue, classic
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    But did you know? Edge is the new browser, built for Windows 10!

    .. oh.. you don't want to use Edge?

    If only the system stability was half as rigid as the Microsoft throat-shovings and trackers 😑
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    @Condor strange that I didn't find anything real about this issue, because with a browser with such a market share, I would find a lot of people complain about this issue... but I found this
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    @dontbeevil the issue in your linked article has actually been resolved a while ago. Also, it's not exactly related because the rant mentions not YouTube but every website out there, that is not a network issue or an issue on their personal machine when it all works properly on Edge for some bizarre reason. Believe me boy, I've received far enough flack from Windows fanbois by now to know your drill.

    But obviously it's a hardware issue, cheap hardware, obscure setup, user error, or driver issues, isn't it?
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    @Condor Please provide me a real source that many chrome users got the same problem, and they found that's a windows fault
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    @dontbeevil I can't reproduce it, and recently got rid of my last Windows installation entirely. Additionally, I feel like I'm talking to a wall. There's a fair few of issues that I can mention that drove me completely bonkers about Windows 10 though! Just search for "WanBLowS" on devRant and you'll find pretty much all of them 😉
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    @Condor speaking abut talking to a wall, once again, can you just point me somewhere else someone found THIS specific issue? because if it's a windows 10 issue and chrome is the most used browser, I think more than some one else should see THIS problem ... I see you're keep changing topic, my comment was really specific
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    @FrodoSwaggins it's not what he meant :) I have no interest to make you return to windows... actually my dream would be that mac os and linux will reach at least 20% of market share each
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    @dontbeevil as I said, I've got no idea about this specific issue as I haven't experienced it myself and honestly am not willing to look for anecdotal evidence from others.

    I'd also like to remind you that when every computer is taken into account - not just consumer desktops - Linux easily has 90% already. I'm typing this here comment on an Android which is Linux. It's gonna be submitted to a server, which also runs Linux. It's likely going to go through several routers on the internet, which very likely also run either some embedded Linux, Cisco's iOS or Juniper's Junos (i.e. BSD) or something like that.

    Finally, as @FrodoSwaggins already mentioned, there's just too much crap in Windows lately. If there's a one time issue every now and then, fine. QA can fail sometimes, and bugs will always be lurking around. But too much is too much. If it's getting a blue screen every day, shitting on my privacy, hiding little usability "features" every-fucking-where, then no thanks. Linux sucks in several ways, but to me at least it sucks *a lot* less.

    And at least I can be pretty fucking sure that it just won't even try to nudge be towards this or that browser, contrary to where I now can't be sure anymore if Windows wouldn't do the same to me at some point.
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    @Condor so you're just confirming, as I always point out, that you're one of many that just blame MS for everything, without even know...and than when someone points out the truth, because someone said some bullshit, is a fanboy. But if you say: windows sucks, switch to linux, linux ftw, you're perfectly fine... right?

    and let me clear, otherwise you play on the words... I was talking about home/office os market share of course
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    The issue is Chrome. It plain sucks as a browser. If you don't like Edge, there are other options like Firefox and Opera. Once I no longer had a need for a specific Chrome plug-in for ssh, I stopped using Chrome. Now I use the Linux subsystem on Win 10 for ssh. I'd get rid of IE too, but there is one tool we use that requires it. Once that tool is upgraded, IE is officially gone. Firefox is currently my alternate browser.
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    Why is your battery bar yellow with 80%? wtf?
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