So this morning something wonderful happened. One of my teams deployed some cache for our API using Redis and they didn't config it!!!
So it's TROLL-time!!! And we have some really cool troll rules if you DOS the QA stack!! So if they resolve it in less than an hour they will only have to use a funny cap all day long (even for lunch) but if it takes more than 1 hour it will be a full cyclist outfit for the whole day (over their own cloth).

PS: if you ever use Redis don't mysql it (why config it? it'll work!!!), because Redis will murder your server!!!

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    Haha I love it! It's like the walk of shame tradition we have at my job in which you have to wear a sign around your neck saying you fluffed up a test for the rest of the day and everyone gets to laugh at you 😂
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    Great way to handle weakness in your processes!
    Why review work and ensure testing is allocated enough time when you can use fear and shame to avoid errors?
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    @ThomasRedstone It's not done to avoid errors. You can't avoid errors, that's why they are errors. But when you fuck up, you have to own your shit! Did they knew they should gattling test it? Yes. Why didn't they do it? Stupid self-confidence!
    Now how do you get the team to learn from that? You simply talk about processes and think that automation will solve it? Or do you act to empower your team to be more profesionnal?

    Now, I have to admit that I'm not PC at all, and I don't work with children.

    That being said, you're right about being carefull about toxic working environment. But thinking that you can avoid conflict is as smart as believe that conflict can solve everything.
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    Laughing at people because they made a mistake just isn't right, if there are processes and someone bypassed them then that's a disciplinary issue, in the environment I'm used to, for something to break would require you not spot it working locally, your code reviewer not spot it on the development environment (a true replica of live and UAT), and then the test team miss it in UAT, so for one person to fail requires a load of people to have also failed.
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