Is part-time remote dev work a thing? I wanna go that route but no clue where to get started. Freelancing? Consulting? Or do companies actually hire part time remote devs?

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    you can find remote jobs here
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    @heyheni thanks for the tip! 👍
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    My experience with those sites are its a competition who can charge the least. Fuck that.

    Apply for a remote position as if you're seeking ft employment. A lot of remote work is contract and thus negotiable in many aspects. You can always ask after they like you. They can always say no. Or yes. But don't lead your search with pt
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    I'm remote now, since August 1st. If you're good, remote means you can work other projects as well
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    @martygeek yeah I'm not keen on those freelancing sites where they post jobs for literal peanuts. I'm subbed to weworkremotely and just got to know about remoteok.io.

    Thanks for the tips everyone!
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    @M1sf3t I don't. I have an email sub that I check once a while.
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    @M1sf3t I didn't know there's a slack channel for wwr 😜. I'll look it up!
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