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    Don’t you need to step down one more time to view it?
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    @devTea it crashes at the next step, so I can’t verify this
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    @JS96 try catch every method under that, good luck
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    Put your breakpoint *on* either the opening brace of the catch scope or the writeline statement.

    You’re breaking on the top part of the catch, before it’s been bound to your ex identifier.
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    Already fixed guys, but thanks!
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    @JS96 don’t be that guy, what was it in the end?
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    *topic archived 7 years ago*
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    Check exception for null before output
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    The problem here was the fact that the software crashed at the "catch", not before or after, so it didn't even put the exception to the "ex" object.

    I found that the problem was in another module, but it was still a really strange behavior of the Visual Studio debugger.
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