99% of the devs be like

catch(Exception e)
// Not a single fuck given

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    You sir, work with the wrong type of devs haha
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    // todo: log this
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    We had those to. Finally I grew tired of having to debug every issue to try to find out what happened and added logging that also when possible included the last sql query.

    This has helped fix hundreds of bugs and many times even let us fix things before the customer even gat to call support. (When the quick fix is just to correct a value in the db while you test the real fix before new release)

    Logging is worth so very much and after 14 years we are still adding more logging to catch problems early.

    Right now we are starting to log execution time for all pages an sql queries even on live to find edge cases where a few customers get longer load times some times.

    Those impossible problems to debug as you rarely can recreate them.
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    Make them fix it! We do static analysis early. Robot points a finger of shame on everybody who dares to request a pull of such horror lines. System works very well. Reviewer will never pass it through.
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    I don't, I don't! :p
    Everyone and everything would kill me
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    It me!
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    Hahaha. All I do is e.printStackTrace()
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    Yeah this is me...
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    This is so accurate
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    Making my own game engine I miss those days :'(
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    Not if you are writing a REST API. That shit isn't at all entertained. Although in reality it shouldn't be entertained anywhere.
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    @ChappIO Come on dude, I still do it for my quick side projects. I think we're still people who think catching exceptions, logging and testing are something fancy. 😜
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    @aswinramakrish I tend to abandon my side projects the first time I run into untraceable bugs. By not doing this I prevent those bugs. :p

    I call what you do Pokemon exception handling. You gotta catch them all.
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    Ain't nobody got time for that! :D
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    Yeee boiiiiiiiiiii
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