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Sooo it's 1:35AM.
Just had a call with boss to show that everything is done.
Bossy ses gud night.

Skype call ends, who the fuck is Alice starts playing in my headphones, the night is dark and I'm siting near my desk lamp, Geez lonelynes level is over 9000

In my head: wait, what now?🤨

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    And now's the part where you get to bed and sleep :)
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    He must pay you a shit load of money otherwise why the fuck?
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    @helloworld it's a startup, I've been freelancing a lot and didint have the time to do any work there...

    I've been with the company for like 8-9 months now, saw it grow and develop, was the very first to start to work there and now we have a 10ppl team...

    Maybe in 2019 March we will start making cash, I want to work for this as my permenant job but I need to survive and earn whatever I can with freelancing right now.......
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