Been coding with python and like I mean I barely know any other language. So my school asked me if I wanted to go for an olympiad and i was like sure. Python is an accepted language but c++ is the recommended there so I go for the course offered by the organisers. On the schedule it was written that we were gonna learn the syntax of c++ on the first day. I go in, see everyone codng like mad and the organiser comes up to me and is like oh this is a pre course contest. MOREOVER, after the contest which I fucked up because like I dont know c++ and the course was in c++, the trainer spends the entire break playing osu and afterwards during the actual lecture dives straight into vectors and stacks and my brain was melting. mfw he said "does everybody remember". I swear it was the worst course ever. Sorry for such an unorganised and long rant. Had a rough day

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    And this is why i always say that starting with python is a terrible choice
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    Not so sure.,
    Started with Python. But I can write code pretty much any languages like go, c. Clojure, rust, java, kotlin, Scala, ruby and etc..

    Of course don't ask me about brain fuck.

    To me language is just a syntax. Of course if you know language well, you can write clean code, better and efficient code.

    To jump and write code in new language, just know how you solve the problem and google for bla bla in xyz language.
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