Just took apart my laptop to dust it out from the inside. Had it back together, put the battery in. "Alright, time to make sure I didn't break something"

Beep....beep beep beep....beep beep beep....beep


Google Lenovo post codes (Thinkpad laptop). DIMM issue.

"Oh fuck I forgot to put the RAM back in.."

Perfect now

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    How the hell did you forget ram? 😅
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    @pullervo RAM and storage are like two of the last things you put in. I was a bit more focused on getting the keyboard and stuff back on that I forgot about the RAM at the end.

    Plus I was also watching Gadget Man and wasn't THAT focused on putting it back together.
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    @MrJimmy Just a bit. Also had a similar situation with my desktop about a week ago.

    Was moving stuff around, and apparently during that, the PCI-E plug for my graphics card came out. Went to boot up, and the screen said something like "Please plug in the 6-pin PCI-E connector"

    Had a small heart attack cause I thought my GPU was dead and wouldn't register that it was getting power. Turned out the connector actually was unplugged
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    @infernalempress always look for horses before unicorns 😂
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    I spent two hours figuring out that beep, even after putting ram back in. Turns out, ram wasn't properly inserted in slot. You know that click sound of clip after ram insertion. But I was afraid of putting more pressure on my ddr4 hyperx. 😂
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    @scorpionk I made that mistake once too, back on a DDR2 board. Think it was a Phenom processor. It was a long time ago, I was maybe 10 at the time? I remember it being a quad core with 2gb of DDR2 and I had a Galaxy GeForce 210 in it.

    My brother ended up giving me his GPU a couple years later (might have been like a GTX 560) when he upgraded and I think he'd dropped it or something and that fucked it up? Got a ton of blue screens whenever I would do anything that put any real load on the GPU.

    I remember being like 12, taking it apart, not really knowing what I was doing. Got some RAM errors cause I was dumb and wasn't putting the RAM in all the way. Went a few days thinking I had bad DIMMs and my brother wanted to check it out for himself. He called me an idiot when he saw the DIMMs weren't all the way in. Then he narrowed it down to the GPU.

    Fun times.
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    @infernalempress I did this mistake at 18. Btw that was my first pc build. Felt so good after successful installation of windows 10.

    Struggle of getting powerful GPU is real. I always played pc games with shitty intel integrated graphics. With 10-12 fps.
    Now, I have gtx 1050 ti, after lot of saving. Pretty much satisfaction with 40-50 fps at high settings
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