Oh boy.

I recently, I switched job for an open source company in Lyon, FR.

They had struggles to find me something to do (still has, tbh), so they sent me to a client of theirs, to help for a biiiiig project that's really old (created in 2001)

The thing was... Horrible. Lots of styles were set via JavaScript without condition, I found 3 different versions of jQuery, at one time they added Object oriented development in a context where they had HTML, JS, (inline) CSS and... PHP of course, inside of one PHP file. The architecture was more "uuuh these files in this directory will be about this functionality".

And it goes on forever. I told them that I hadn't the required level of PHP knowledge to have an excuse to get the fuck out of there, my company didn't like it but it was either that or my mental health.

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    Oh god, may the odds be ever in your favor
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    But you could have rebuildt it in 2 weeks dont you? 😉
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    @heyheni Nah man, but I kind of wish (not in these delays tho)

    They told me that they planned to rebuild everything from nothing with Symfony (french / solid PHP framework) in 2019, but according to the other employees, it will start in a whole year more than in a couple months. One more reason to run away 😂
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