First day at the new building during my Monday hospital IT job. My boss went on about opening portals in time, aliens, all kinds of shit, then I get a call, "hey, we need help carrying a body to the morgue, get up here", turns out i'm lookout and forward-runner (lookout to keep patients away from the room during cart loadup, forward runner for doors)

I hate Mondays...

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    WTF did i just read?
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    wait wait wait. you have a high skill IT position and they literally make you carry bodies? what the flying fuck.
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    @CoffeeNcode Monday's when we have a skeleton crew in the facility normally, but since now we're stretched between TWO facilities now...

    I don't really mind it, it's not like I knew the person, so I was basically just highly annoyed throughout. I remained respectful, however.
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    @CoffeeNcode I'm also only there for 6 hours on Mondays for minimum wage + $1.25 an hour as i'm a cover tech, not a high-pay full-time IT. I'm the skele-tech, if you will. My normal job is at a PC shop, but it's not open Mondays, so it's a small cash boost, is all.
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    @parzi But this has nothing to do with IT.... And I really hate fucktards who hire people for minimum wage or lower for shit jobs. -.-
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