Skeuomorphism is back. Flat design is over. Thank goodness. I remember guys bullying me for not liking the flat design.

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    Those icons look tasty!
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    Skeumorphism is dead, long live skeumorphism.
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    That's still skeuomorphism based off of flat design!

    Flat designers: 1

    Round designers: 0
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    @irene The weeaboos really had it right all along
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    Yay! Being able to tell which parts of the screen do something and which are just labels/decorations again would be nice... Apple's way is going too far, though.
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    Oh god, UI designers have found the bevel and radius tools in photoshop again!
    Brace yourselves for an influx of "urgent" and "critical" change requests...
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    Flat is crap.
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