College is rapidly sending me into a never-ending spiral of depression. I have to take Calculus-based physics for Computer Science, and it's making me want to kill myself. I'm not going to get anything higher than a D in it, so I'm going to have to take it again no matter what. I'm worried I'm not going to get a D in it because if I don't get at least a D in it, I won't be able to take the second part of it in the spring, which will remove 5 credit hours from my schedule that I will then have to find something else to fill with.

Worried that the terrible Physics grade I'm going to get is going to drop my GPA below the requirement for my scholarship. Worried that I'm going to get kicked out of the honors program as well. Worried that I'm going to be here for three more years. (My scholarship runs out in Spring 2020.) Stressing out about my Physics final tomorrow that will determine whether I pass or fail the class.

Im starting to wonder if that Computer Science degree is worth it.

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    Lemme break it to you: if you dont wanna work in research, its not worth it
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    Dropping it all now isn't really helpful either.

    Try your best in the now, the future will come soon enough, and Good Luck for your finals!
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    I agree with the previous commenter. If you can find a job as a web developer, then you do not need a computer science diploma. When I studied at the Faculty of Сyber Security and I was asked to write a 1984 george orwell essay for one of the classes. I was so angry, I just found an example at https://studydriver.com/1984-essay/ and finished my task. I don’t have to waste my time doing this if I am studying cybersecurity. So don’t worry, you will be okay even without this diploma.
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