Hey guys, need a lil help from any front-ender, I need to create a chart that allows me to show tooltips for specific timeframes and let's me click them and go to the specific url for that timeframe, I know this isn't SO but from my past experiences, I would rather ask here. I have looked at chart.js and other libraries but I'm not sure If chart.js has those capabilities.

I would like to achieve something like this : https://treo.sh/demo/1/...

Any tips are welcomed :)

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    @M1sf3t I'll try and come back with a reply, thanks !
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    Edit: Dunno how your code could help me, I don't want to hide the elements, just show a tooltip and be able to click on the chart time frame and go to url, like the chart from the link
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    oke, got it ! much appreciated :)
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    Maybe highcharts can aid you?
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    Licenses are a little bit pricy xD

    But thanks for the info, It looks how I want it to look and I think you can add click events to the charts.
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    @edw1o1 true, costly stuff
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    I think you can implement this with chartjs callbacks that hook into the tooltip generation


    What do you mean by "clicking on them"? Whatever "them" means here, you should bind the url of whatever it is you are clicking to the url that corresponds to the currently selected tooltip,.
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    Someone should really make chart libraries for vue and react so you can easily bind the chart components to a parent vue component that can control the data easily. Looking at the price of highcharts, this idea could probably make some good cash
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    @ditht it surely can make a big buck if done right
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