Dear diary:

It is 2020 and I still don't know shit about docker :3

I don't know how bad this is.....

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    Let me know when you find out. I have gotten by viewing it as a sandboxed virtual environment up until now. I have also been told that is incorrect as all hell, but it has managed 99% of my conversations/observations and minor implementations with it.
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    What's docker? Is that like a thing for your boat? Jk lol
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    Just give this "fun" interactive course 10mins and you're up to speed.
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    *Opens Docker
    *5secs later
    *Docker crashes
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    @heyheni thanks for the link man! I will make sure to check it out! :D
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    Isnt docker like ancient tech already?
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    @heyheni thanks now I understand how to reuse data (have persistent accessible data) with docker, mate. It helped a lot.
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    @M1sf3t You just know that because I made a Makefile to abstract away docker-compose commands :p

    Make has nothing to do with docker xD
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    Docker allows you to run a private environment, so every app you run in it (redis, mysql, webservers, your own app) has its own filesystem and network connections.

    This allows you to have an application run in a ubuntu container and the other in an alpine environment. This also means an application's OS dependencies are put in a container, once you remove the container, all those dependencies are gone too.

    Why is this useful? Scaling

    My Go application is handling lots of traffic, so I spin up 5 identical containers with my application so that a load balancer can distribute traffic. Once the traffic is gone, I can delete the 4 containers and keep 1 running.

    All these containers have their own FS and network, so killing a few does not affect other containers.

    You can also use containers to try out an application and then throw it away!

    Wanna try out redis? Try docker run redis and you have a redis container, done? docker rm it and redis is gone again
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    It's your app server in a single zip file. Docker can extract and execute those zip files on a single machine w/o letting either of the application know about its neighbours.

    Dockerfile is a "smart" shell script to set up those zip files.

    That's roughly it
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    I'm actively using docker and still don't understand it 😅
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    There is one thing you need to know about docker. If you leave linux container things get crazy pretty fast!
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    @alexbrooklyn scaling was/is possible with vm images also. The rest I agree... I know vm images are slower and use more resources. Still...
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    Docker is a tool that saves 10 minutes for sysadmins at the expense of 5 hour work for developers
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    @alexbrooklyn i can definitely see the real world value in that! Thanks man, mind if I hit you up later on for some more questions regarding this in the event i get lost? :P it doesn't happen often and most of the time I find stuff online pretty well, but it would be nice to have someone that actually uses it in real life to gain more points of view on it
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    @AleCx04 sure, ask away 😉
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