I was talking about the mobile game The Room around another student yesterday and mentioned how it's like a escape room type of game.

Today I got 3 different types of escape room commercials on Instagram/Facebook. Never gotten anything close to this regarding ads.

I've never felt so afraid, or spied on.

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    The escape room that humanity is in right now does not have an exit! We are stuck!
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    But didn’t Mark - our Lord and Saviour - said that this is not happening?
    Who should I trust now?

    No kidding; this *is* scary shit, but we (consumers) are just sheep and our data makes money...
    What was the senior facebook dev quote on ads and stuff? Something along the lines of that the smartest and best people (developers among others) are using their intelligence and creativity to increase click rate for ads / make other people click ads more often? Sad stuff...
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    All I can think of is that you have one or more official Facebook app installed on your phone. FB, messenger, insta, etc. In which case, it's listening.
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    @bahua But it can be prevented by blocking microphone permission? Not denying it is happening, there are countless examples, but perhaps taking away all permissions is good enough for Facebook?
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    I can't confirm this, but I'm guessing that the app will just refuse to work if you deny permissions.
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