fuck you WINDOWS UPDATE!!!

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    Why not just Fuck You Windows !!!!! ? When you hate windows try Linux.
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    @Haxk20 When in doubt, try Linux
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    When in doubt bitch about Windows without any context! Woooo
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    @Haxk20 tfw Linux drivers, I just use what works
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    @kreijstal lol. Quality shitpost
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    Easiest way to get some ++ on devRant: post something bad about Windows 😁
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    Dude.. I was working on a CNN model on my windows laptop . Worked for nearly 2 hours straight with no sleep the night before. I get up for a cup of coffee come back and sit down only to see windows updating without telling me :) its just a treat when you get screwed by an OS
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    Windows 10 ?

    Did you have the pause updates thing on ?

    (I know it only lasts for around 30 days and a bit before it turns itself off, as such doing updates manually once a month can help avoid that issue.)

    But I suspect that pause doesn't always work 100% reliably..

    Hence trying to collect data on situations where it might have failed.

    I also have one of those stop windows updates pieces of software, which used to stop updates, but I'm not so sure now...


    There are free ones out there, but I've not tested all of those yet.

    So far this is the best working one I've come across.
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    @Nanos You can just straight-on disable Windows Automatic Updates in gpedit.msc (Group Policy Editor) and do your updates manually, when it's convenient...
    IIRC it is located under

    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Configure Automatic Updates

    Set this policy to Disable, and you're done 🙂
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    @Stuxnet and never forget:ms sucks, windows sucks, linux ftw, switch to linux... Without even know the context
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    You must be a cyborg
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    Tried that, doesn't work !

    I tried all the policy editor examples folk have mentioned everywhere I can find, and none of them work 100%
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    Apparently Windows update fucks us more :v
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