Finds interesting looking "graduate' software development role...

"PhD desirable, leading university, straight As at A level"


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    I think there are close to zero software development positions where a PhD is necessary. Unless it's development of some incredibly specific application involving a very exotic topic most BsC / MsC graduates aren't aware of, a PhD isn't too significant. When doing a PhD, you usually specialize in a specific subject, and therefore a PhD graduate may not know much more about e.g. machine learning than a MsC graduate if he did his PhD in information security.

    "wonder if mcdonald's is hiring" - nice tag btw.
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    Or maybe they already have their candidate, but regulations force them to a fake open ad. Leading university also means expensive university that is more about rich people nepotism than anything else.
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    So the job involves 0 actual coding and is mostly just writing papers
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    Once I was fucking smashed, had like a dozen of Jägerbomb shots. And I remembered that I had an interview. Drunk as I was I decided it's a good idea to attend it.
    Long story short, I got the job which required a PhD and several years of experience having only an MSc and a BEng.

    Warning though, your mileage may vary.
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