Found this 2 years old beauty today:

public boolean hasPermission(User user, Permission permission){
return true;

The author quit last year.

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    What a fucking tool.
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    That reminds me of the super-secret admin page that I found this app that I inherited a few years ago. Zero auth, could change any setting just by knowing the URL.
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    Wow, that's... gross.
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    @xJvf what's funny is I actually found one of those on a custom blog CMS for my school. I notified them of it anonymously a while ago but they still haven't fixed it. I am able to change the text of any of their articles.
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    @nathan815 Add the text "Please Fix Me" in red on multiple pages...?
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    What if it was a trap in vengueance to get fired? I can’t imagine another explanation
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