Hello devRant family 😬
So I completed my Bachelor (Honours) of Computer and Information Sciences, yaay 🙂👍

So now that this is done, I would like to find out from programmers with years of experience (possibly web developers) if studying my masters in computer science is worth it and if it will be beneficial to me?

My main focus in my career is web development. I already have 2+ years of working part time as a junior web developer and as I mentioned above, I am wondering if studying masters in computer science will be worth it for my career?

Your opinions and feedback will be really appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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    hi :)
    since you consider it so much that you ask here. Do it! Or at least talk to your University about it. Since everyone has had a different experience with this which doesn't represent your way of life. Only you know what's best for you.
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    Oh hell no, wondering and asking us not enough interest to justify delaying working by another year and getting in more debt.
    The reality is you do not need a degree to become a developer, if you really want to do the masters, do it, but there is every chance that it will never pay for itself.
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    Difficult to say!! What if you get a higher paying job after completing masters.
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    At big companies a master will open higher pays and higher entry positions. At small companies only skill and performance will help you.
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    @umingo I completely agree with you
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    In germany many say that due to the old system a bachelor alone is not enough and one should go for masters.
    I've seen both kinds of people succeed though so it might be just one of those things that people say.
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    @ThomasRedstone isn't the debt issue country dependant?

    Also, a masters feels a lot more fun then the bachelors, since one can choose more on what to focus.

    Also depends on what you want to do later and what kind of dev you want to be.
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    @hasu debt maybe, opportunity cost isn't.
    If you can get a job now, you're sacrificing that salary
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    @ThomasRedstone yes but it also depends on if you want the experience of getting a masters and with that a higher salary later on
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    @hasu if you want the experience, sure, that's a valid reason, but more pay isn't guaranteed, you may do just as well with the extra year industry experience (and additional year income)
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