I'm sure that some of you play LoL, so this might be interesting for you:
Riot has just released (actually, it's been existing for quite a long time, but they told noone about it before) an (undocumented) API for the new client, with it you can actually control the whole client's interface or get and modify client side information and settings.

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    Bash based interface!
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    Aaaaand I just posted it as a rant.
    Should post more often, wouldn't forget it.
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    @Linux would use if it existed, but since the API is currently undocumented, (the only info we got is from the inbuilt Swagger client) many of the endpoints can't be used..
    I'm too potato for networking to analyze the traffic of it, but I'm sure that in the close future, there will be alternative clients.
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    So can i hack it to get skins xD
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    @hasu there is a windows app that makes your character have the skin you want (of that character), but only to you. Thus no hax
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    @melezorus34 the custom skin thingy? I had that for a while. But then i had to run a bot game every time before playing to see if it still works. Otherwise i had broken models sometimes. Was still fun.
    I only want victorious Janna ffs T_T
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