Thanks for speaking to me earlier,

If you could send me the following details we can really get the ball rolling with the recruitment process.

• Any jobs you have applied for or interviewed (I need company name and position)

This stops me re applying you for jobs you’ve already applied for

• Any key elements an employer has to have for you

• A name phone number and position held for references at your current contract.

If we can get these over asap then we can start the ball rolling and get you a new position in the most time effective manner.

Kind Regards,

Brainless Lazy Back-Stabbing Recruiter.

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    I don't understand the hate for recruiters. Sure it's mildly annoying getting unsolicited messages on LinkedIn but it's also nice to be in a field that's in demand.

    I've made friends with some recruiters and it's been beneficial for my career.
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    @devrocket I was a recruiter for 4 years. This method of obtaining work is pathetic and lazy. He's asking for every company I'm interviewing with just so he can then contact that company and attempt to send more CVs to it, and therefore reducing the chance of me getting that job.

    I've had managers ask me to do this when I was a recruiter and I flat out refused. There are 200 different/better ways to get roles/leads as a recruiter. This guy didn't even attempt to hide what he was looking for.
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    @ThatDevDude ah that's super good advice. That does seem pretty low.
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