We have been at a university of applied sciences today with our class.
It was kind of ok. I did expect more surprising things there. The whole building was smaller than our college (not the same as in the US). The rooms, where profs tell you things with a series of rows of seats, were dirty and pretty much used to the point that the seats are about to break easily.
I was expecting the university to be kind of the same as the universities you see in the movies lol.
It could have at least been bigger than our college and more "modern" than our school.
Anyways, let us get to the point here.
We were first in the foyer and afterwards in their main lecture hall.
We were introduced to the day's plans by a team of engaged students from different study programs and the president of the professors. Yada yada yada.
We got the full program in each room and each individual time span filled with study programs on a sheet of paper.
I did select pharmacy, media production, architecture, data science, applied computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering and future energies.
Pharmacy and data science were the most interesting study programs to me. I have asked one of the professors if deep learning was a topic for bachelor students, as well.
He said that that is only the usual case for people who got a promotion.
As an example he told me that yesterday he was at a conference hall with 10.000 people in which he gave a talk about deep learning. "Most of them were professors" he said. "Since this study program is new, it might change in a few years" he added to his conversation.

It is quite hard having to decide now.
Geo informatics and Aerospace Engineering did sound interesting, too.
There are a lot of things I would like to study at the same time haha.

Idk if I should just pick mechanical engineering first and add one or two after it to it. But that would take a lot of time. Geez.

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    I know your optimism lol

    Last year I wanted to major in CS, IT and IS (basically IT but has business classes too), as well as minor in cyber security and project management.

    I also wanted to purse a master's or another BS in cyber security/forensics after that.

    Today? IT with a minor in CS and cyber security lol. I got slapped with the reality check of being a student for like 6 to maybe even 8 years and said fuck nah.

    Part of me is still considering pursing a cyber security degree as well, but it's so hard to find a uni that's credible and offers it as a stand-alone degree. Doubtful that I'll find one close enough

    Don't let my pessimistic attitude piss in your corn flakes though. Keep it up and learn everything you can, because nobody can take away your education.
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    Ah to be optimistic about the future again. I wanted a BSc and an MSc and to be the coolest hacker that ever walked this planet once. Now I'll settle for getting through my BSc and if I then decide to do an Msc that will require some serious thought. It's not all sunshine and rainbows and to be honest most of the time uni sucks. Helps to think of how life will be on the other side though.
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    @Elyz My fucking general education classes are soo much harder than my major classes, which is wack lol
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    @Stuxnet we don't have anything like that here. You only have classes relevant for your "major" I guess, even though we don't have majors or minors.. Even our elective courses have to be relevant to our study programme or they won't get approved. Here you don't just apply to a university, you apply to a specific study programme within it as well. Makes for a pretty good time and you don't have classes you don't care about.
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    @Elyz You have to apply to the degree programs here, but I mean most people get accepted, unless it's a very competitive program or a graduate level program.

    IT being one of the newest majors at my uni, it only has like 140 people enrolled in it. So I was accepted in about 20 minutes of applying to it lol.

    I have a friend who was trying to get a doctorate in pharmacy, and there were 2,000 students applying for 210 spots.

    I wish we didn't have to take general education classes that were irrelevant. They waste my time and are boring asf.
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    Don’t forget to pick Medicine too. Your parents and grandparents have to be proud of you.
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    @Stuxnet didn't find cyber security, too.

    My main goal is to work in the cyber security field with knowledge in mechanical engineering and in pharmacy.
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