Not an actual rant but a question.

How do your company keeps you motivated/inspired?

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    by always saying you are "this" close to that promotion you want.
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    A good work environment, tools, training and an upward career path.
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    @Jumpshot44 and on time pay also. just adding to the list.
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    By providing interesting projects that kinda make sense and letting me work on them. Some of the stuff is boring, but big part is fun and if I wouldn't have to worry about money I would probably do at least part of it in my free time.
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    @rookiemaverick +1 on a paycheck
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    Well, to be honest, only the developers at our company know what we're doing. The rest (management, sales) can't really put their finger on it.

    So we, as a team, try our best to have as much intrinsic motivation as possible. That's why we initialized knowledge sessions and special beer Friday. And when there's an event, we have to ask politely if we can go (mostly we can though, but they would never offer any training/course/event themselves). We occasionally (once every week) go out lunching with just the developers.

    The pay is good because we kind of are indispensable (although in the end, everyone is replaceable), but I can't help sometimes but eager to work in a more professional company.

    But then again: another perk is that I can do a lot of self study by trying out a new framework or language in almost every new project I start in.

    So I guess it's good pay, lousy management, much freedom and nice co-workers that keep me motivated.

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    They never do. When you are about to receive your increment they'll give you 4% by telling, THE PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON IS NOT CRITICAL. so yes they inspire you, and tell you to find a new job... :p
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    "Do it or we'll fire you"
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    @Cube189 best motivation ever
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    They don't.
    I will try to get out of there when I can.
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    "pay review in 3 months"
    "if I get 1% like I did last year I quit."
    *opens letter*
    "1.1% pay rise"

    True story
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    @Hevlastka See? They care about you and don't want you to quit.
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    they don't...
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    they trust in my skills giving me freedom of choosing solution for tasks - responsibility is quite motivating and I can try out new things :)
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    I'm motivated by a drive to learn.

    my company helps me by giving the freedom i want.
    -- flex schedule
    -- beer during work
    -- remote work whenever I want.
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    A cool boss and free food
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