My parents my whole childhood:

What are you *** doing in front of that screen?!?!
Stop playing GAMES and go out and do something with your life!
You are WASTING your LIFE on ****!
You will NEVER get a job.

Today I am payed more than 20th times as my dad was payed in my age.
They finally stopped complaining.

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    Money always shuts up everybody, as if you can't waste your life making lots of money. Btw, awesome name...
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    It was the opposite for us. My mother never wanted us to go out and as a result I have barely any outdoor hobbies.
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    Adjusted for inflation?
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    inflation, but it is only 2% here.
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    @Linux 2% per year is still somewhere around 14 times as much 40 years ago as it is now, though, if my math is anywhere close to right...

    (Estimated (1.02^15-1)*40)
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    My Father moved to Sweden 25 years ago. I am 25.
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