I was on leave for 15 days. They asked someone else to do this job(a minor change, they said) and Oh boy, December is not going to be easy. This is gonna be worst end of a year for me.


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    Oh no..
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    Hang in there buddy, hang in there....
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    I’ll send my prayers for you
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    lol 98.4k errors, btw what's that dashboard?
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    @JoshBent I was stunned too!! God help him, that's gonna be a long Month!! Long long looooong month.
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    @JoshBent azure appcenter.
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    Having so many problems means someone messed up something with the app core.

    When it's about its core, that means you know where to look and solve many of them with not so many changes.
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    Could be worse - they might be commiting to prod today as we speak. What could possibly go wrong on friday?
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    just revert their commits lol

    stay strong
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