I'm alone in the office today and already done a lot of work. How can I be so much more productive when nobody is around.

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    And that is why I love working from home ^^
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    coworkers suck then.
    I've been in both situations. With the proper coleagues productivity may go up if they are around.
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    Try working with a manager that asks about your progress every hour
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    @Hevlastka uh, I shuddered a bit. that's awful.
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    The community of random people officially allows you to relax and sink some coffee. While writing next chunk of code :D
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    I could give a few reasons:

    - Because a co-worker's phone isn't ringing every 5 minutes and it's your responsibility to pull their calls if they aren't there.
    - The raucous laughter and incessant chatter from the neighbouring department isn't breaking your concentration every minute.
    - There's no radio being played in the background where you're trying to work.
    - Your manager isn't calling you in to a random conference call that he claims will take 5 minutes but instead takes an hour.

    Just a few off the top of my head.
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    @Demy he just said that we should be able to do 2 days worth of work in 3 hours. I'm pretty sure that by 'we' he meant me since I'm the only dev that worked on this project for the past 2 weeks.
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    @Hevlastka hm, may be you should try to speak it out and carefully and polite explain him the situation. It word be his problem if project won't be complete and may be it's better to try to speak with client and rearrange deadlines for it. Try to explain him that risking so much could end up badly. That actually helps some times. Sorry for random advises.
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    @Demy it's a startup and he's the client essentially :(
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    @Hevlastka the he risks even more. Anyway, good luck with this.
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