Windows Universal Platform... what the fuck??

I want to set the button cursor to a hand. Here's how you do it:

private void button_PointerEntered(object sender, PointerRoutedEventArgs e)
Windows.UI.Xaml.Window.Current.CoreWindow.PointerCursor = new Windows.UI.Core.CoreCursor(Windows.UI.Core.CoreCursorType.Hand, 1);

Don't forget to do the opposite when the mouse leaves!


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    It's UWP actually but yes I tried to learn it before for Win 8/single app for desktop + mobile but then was like meh... Functionality is limited and no one really uses Windows Phones. JS + React better.
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    If you really want to target uwp, making it a win32 app and convert with Windows desktop bridge is better
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    @CozyPlanes UWP is actually pretty nice, but certainly not made for traditional desktop inputs like mice.

    Anyways, Acrylic is a major part of my app anyways.
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    @CozyPlanes that can only be good for legacy applications..
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    Uwp requires a lot of logical thought, but then I like 1>2>3 type thinking.
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    Isn’t there a XAML property? I’m sure there was in WPF and you could just use triggers.
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    @AlgoRythm you can use acrylic in wpf too
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    Win forms 4 ever
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