*trying to convince a non-tech friend to switch on linux*
- Will I need to write drivers myself?
- Only when your wifi card manufacturer doesn't give a fuck.

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    and here's a video of linus torvalds giving nvidia the finger for their lack of driver support:

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    Your "non-tech" friend knows what a driver is? and is concerned about writing one?

    ... that is not a non-tech friend.

    Non-tech friends ask you to fix their laptop. After asking them for an hour if they've downloaded anything unusual, you find out they googled "free antivirus" and downloaded the first app they came across.

    ... Then replies "But its an antivirus, its fine"
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    @practiseSafeHex I think he meant non-dev
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    holy shit this is so true
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    I've had far more trouble with video drivers than wireless drivers the last few years. Ubuntu 16.04 dropping the proprietary AMD driver made Chrome totally unusable until I switched to the dev builds of the radeon driver.
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    @alanaktion then you should drop Ubuntu instead.
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    @practiseSafeHex I feel the experience in your comment 😀
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