Hello World!

Migrating to my first Thinkpad (E585), something that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've heard a lot of great things and I wanted that sweeeet performance boost over my budget craptop (partially pictured).

> Ryzen 5 2500U
> RX Vega 8 integrated
> 8GB DDR4
> 256GB NVMe
> It's a thinkpad
> Runs Gentoo Linux and I swear I've spent the entire weekend learning and configuring it (my first time)

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    I love'em Thinkpads
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    Acer nitro 5 here the same config just added RX560X and Arch Linux. Runs nicely and is fucking powerful.
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    But I will repaste the CPU and GPU and over clock both. At least that all cores run at 3.2 GHz instead of 3.01ghz.
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    @irene yeah, 256 is too low. At least 1 TiB and 16 G RAM
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    @irene No, I want SSD all over. No compromise
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    This weekend, I just received my very first thinkpad as well. It has such a great cpu and ram that my 1tb hdd is a bottleneck. I'm playing with the idea to change it to a 500gb ssd, but one can't have enough storage right? :/
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    The typing experience aahhh.
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    Looks and sounds like a good laptop, how much is it?
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    I have 256gb M.2 ssd and 1tb HDD. That HDD will go the fuck away since it makes the system slow when swap is put on it and swap on ssd will be fast as fuck but poor ssd life.
    And its a must to upgrade the ram to 16 GB so that you have dual channel and the system will be much faster since ryzen loves more memory and bandwidth and speed.

    But even at the worst config which is default the CPU compiles latest mesa driver from got in less then 6 minutes and my old desktop took fucking 45 minutes (not exactly sure but something around there)
    I was able to reinstall the entire laptop before the mesa was compiled on my desktop. Sure its athlon but damn its terrible.
    I'm pretty sure dual channel will help a shit ton lot so it will take even less time on laptop. Crazy.

    Hopefully I will be able to build a threadripper desktop in 2019-2020.
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    @irene @asgs 256GB has been more than enough for me, on my old laptop I'm using at most 200GB, though I guess I might use this one for more things since it's more powerful. I do have a 1TB HDD from my old laptop that I can install if the SSD starts to get full.

    My original logic was that the SSD will definitely make it snappier, and I tend to trust it more if I'm moving around compared to the possiblity of mechanical failure of an HDD. I honestly don't know if that would actually happen, but I don't want to risk it.
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    @Kirito-kun It is about $700 as configured, the base price with Ryzen3/4GB/500G HDD/non-IPS/non-FHD is $400.
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    My Dell Precision had a 1 TB drive. Substituted it with two 1TB SSDs, and I never want to go back.

    @kenogo You don't need patience for Gentoo. Not these days anyway.
    Just start an update with sane settings, and continue working.
    There is no need to wait and watch. 😉
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    @TRex yeeeaaahhh...
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    Boy these thinkpads are ugly, but I love them...
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    I hate how the new and more powerful think pads cost a lot. Since I do a lot of 3d modeling I need a good GPU. Ended up buying an Acer Predator.
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