How to get unlimited stickers for FREE:
Step one: Make a new devRant account
Step two: Post a funny meme
Step three: Get ++'s
Step four: Request stickers
Step six: Receive stickers
Step seven: Move out of house, fake death, change name, phone number, gender, and get plastic surgery
Step eight: Get new e-mail address
Step nine: Repeat steps 1-8 until you have all the stickers you want
Have fun getting free unlimited stickers!

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    I think i'm stuck at step seven... i don't want to go outside
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    That involves moving house so many times, which would cost far more than the $7 for the set of stickers. And they'd all be the same 3 stickers.
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    Someone likes troll logic comics
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    I'm still waiting on stickers from months ago, so I'm pretty sure this scheme would take multiple lifetimes anyway...
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    I got lost at step seven, but skipping straight to step eight also did the trick
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    Do you want to break devrant?
    I suggest you buy some rehires and stickers.
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    What makes this even more ironic is that this post has the ++ quota for free stickers
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    Since my comment got updooted, I should update: my stickers did arrive.
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