So I am assigned to a new team to take over the leading position because the guy who did it up till now quit. And there is this guy who today seriously shared his screen with my boss and the rest of the team to point out that I formatted something wrong...

Realy it was something like
super.doFunctionA().thenFunctionB() instead of putting it like

He said he wanted to call me out early to avoid spreading of this "wrong formatting"

He wants to start a war? This fuckhead can have it!
Soon I will be the one who writes his tasks... hf

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    This is literally the scale model of how a war starts.
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    You can just ask him to write a formatter for the whole team, is not that hard and you avoid unnecessary wasted time, or just write it yourself and tell him next time to come up with solutions
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    The formatting is secondary. What made me angry is the way he did this
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    @ShotgunSurgeon of course the way he did it was the problem but coming up with solutions instead of complaining will annoy him and make the others think you are a better man, even if you do it with this think in mind
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    Wow I hope the boss told him off. That's pretty hostile. I'm guessing he's pissed because he wanted to be promoted to team lead or something. And this is a perfect example of why he isn't
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    Like seriously, every team has different style guides. You don't expect a newcomer to know yours on day one. You take them aside and say "we do it like this here". "Wrong" formatting my ass
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    His behaviour is inexcusable. Tell him, and tell him publicly.
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    So a little update here. I was talking to the current lead about it and afterwards talked to the guy. I told him that I am open for discussions about formatting and style and would appreciate direkt talks about it with him. I suggested that I will review his commits and ask questions about the formatting from time to time.

    So in essence I told him: "I will watch you and you will have to explain every little formatting you did!"

    He answered that there are no written rules and I don't have to take it so seriously.
    ... this little dipshit of a coward.
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