I am thinking about leaving this platform. To be honest I don't get anything out of it anymore and the only thing keeping me here is the less-rant'ish content like @devNews or the stories.

I am actually a bit disappointed, the quality of devrant really did degrade alot in the last few months. Don't get me wrong but I feel like people have become "normies" over here. I don't mean that in an edgy or degrading way but let me explain. When I started here I had a very high opinion of the people here. Everyone seemed like a passionate / knowledgeable individual from whom you could hear interesting stories or learn. Maybe I just saw it like that because I was still a very inexperienced dev and was looking for a dev community. But nonetheless I think devRant transformed into a place of mediocrity.

Dont get me wrong I wouldn't think of myself as aspiring or generally "better" than anyone else on here, but the content over here got a little stale.

I am not the kind of person who would "rant", in the first place, so I may have a different mindset and to be honest "ranting" has always been a thing I looked down upon. It just does not support my style of thinking. I totally get that people sometimes need to "vent" their feelings but there is nothing productive to gain from ranting, like you ain't not improving your situation by doing it. The more passionate raters over here call people things, I would never even dream about saying to people. Don't worry I'm no sjw or something like it, I don't care if you do it. If it helps you sure, why not. But there is a point where you corner yourself so much that you stop respecting your colleagues because they wrote that shitty code, instead of helping.

Some tech sure is bad, but it is not getting any better by insulting it.

Another thing I use to notice are people, thinking so highly of them selfes / being so close-minded - that they only accept their own views as true. These are the people that I always try to avoid, but that is getting harder and harder as time goes on.

Collectivism and group thinking are very strong on devRant making it really hard to defend a unpopular opinion - I get that devRant is not the kind of platform that would support actual proper arguments/discussions - but I still feels like some people shove opinions down another people's throat with no reasoning behind it.

Arguments on devRant are always won by the person coming up with the most witty response. Having another opinion is always seen as offensive. That's not exactly the definiton of open-mindedness.

Another rather annoying thing are what I call the "non dev, dev's". See: As a developer you should aspire to understand what your doing - I won't get into this too much but one sentencd: How are things like serious "Semicolon memes" a thing? I am as much into memes as the next guy, but debugging 3 hours, just to find out its a typo. I mean come on...

I sure get that devRant is not the kind of place where you would find the people I am looking for, and that's why I am leaving.

My whole post may seem super negative of the platform - and it is to an extend - but I sure also had a good time back in the day - devRant as in "the platform" surely is not at fault, but a forum is only as good as the people on it. Maybe I changed, maybe devRant did. All I know is that it is not for me anymore.

I won't delete my account and I probably will not leave completely, but all I will do is the "once a week" checkout.

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    - hates ranting
    - joins devrant to complain

    No matter how many times you say you're not something and go and do what this "something" does you ARE that something.

    I also don't get people who go into so much detail to explain why they're leaving when it doesn't have an ounce of constructive critism.

    Bye Felicia
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    This is exactly the kind of comment I expected.

    Passive agessive and witty.

    Sure I am what I say and what I do.

    But you are factually wrong and just assumed things. I never joined devRant to complain, and if you would look at my post history you would know that - or read the post for that matter.

    As it turns out people get emotionally attached to something they like, and dislike it when the thing they liked is gone, so they go thought a kind of "breakup".

    I wrote how I feel about devRant, that is constructive. Also why would I actively try to improve something that I don't care about anymore?
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    Witty isn't inherantly wrong and there was nothing agressive in what I wrote.

    Clinging onto an abusive relationship is unhealthy, that is all.
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    Thats why I am leaving. :)

    The problem with the kind of comment you wrote, is that it makes the receiver feel like they are in an argument and therefore go defensive.

    Witty comments disregard the arguments
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    I've noticed that there are fewer rants and more "memes" (I'm guilty of posting a few) and rants about the same thing get annoying after a point.
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    I get where you are coming from. When I joined I was excited and subscribed to the top coolest ranters and couldnt wait to read the next new rant.

    Soon I realized That devrant is a therapeutic public diary which gives a platform to social misfits and if they post often enough, they get more attention. Its like you are in high school where you can be the cool kid just by posting edgy rants.

    So even if you have shitty social skills you can come here, paint a one sided witty story and you will be glorified. I even saw a dude registered as female. Devrant is being used as some weird emotional/mental crutch and supports blaming others.

    I see some top ranters making up to 10 rants a day. Everytime someone gets stuck for longer than 1 hour fixing a problem they seem to fall in agony.

    We are developers, we deal with this shit on daily basis so I dont understand why some people are so neurotic or feel the need to victimize themselves?

    Is it milennials problem? Or loneliness? Or ego?
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